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Infinity PRO - M2 - Berry


Berry is the sister tone to magenta. I used to mix this color in small amounts just for my own use. I needed a really dark magenta for all sorts of tattoo styles. Until several artist asked me to make them some. Now several years later its a standard color for Infinity Pro. We've been making the natural tattoo pigments for years and years and years and has some of the brightest colored, eye popping tattoo dyes on the market. The Infinity Pro Series formula contains a surfactant that bonds with the raw pigment better, making these colors easier to blend so you can achieve virtually any tone you need. If you want proof, simply pick up a bottle of Infinity Pro and compare it to any other competitor's ink of the same color. You'll immediately feel the difference in the weight; Infinity Pro is heavier because it has greater pigment dispersion. That means that drop for drop you're getting more rich color and less filler. You'll also see less separation with Infinity Pro than with most of our competitors. The Infinity Pro Color Series - the ultimate tattoo pigment.