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Infinity Pro Full Ink Set - 2014 Collection


Full and Complete 35 color set of the Infinity Professional Series Tattoo Inks. Everything you will need in one glorious box of inks. Its kinda funny that Infinity Pro started out with just 20 colors and that's all that was needed for many years. But times have changed and so have we. The first thing was to add tones to the line up that was only being mixed in small batches for a few artist. As the popularity grew, so did the color pallet. The Infinity Pro color set will soon be 40 tones to meet most any artist needs. I personally do not believe any artist needs 50 plus colors to clutter up their work station. We have seen very accomplished artist in the past pull off elaborate award winning work with just 15 colors. All them are great artist that mixed colors and tones in the ink cap while working on a tattoo. However, it is convenient to just grab a bottle and go at it, so, the color pallet is growing. The Infinity Pro set includes all 35 colors and will soon be growing to meet the need for ever growing tattoo market.